CMovies is a not so popular streaming website which has been created many years ago but there are still a lot of people who never heard about it even a single time because due to our hard work regarding the website, we've completely forgot to promote ourselves so more and more people can enjoy of all these high quality movies and series available on this site. Since the beginning of this year, when the pandemic begins, we started to have more time than ever to work and make CMovies to be a prosper website that can serve all the tastes when it comes to movies and series. We've made a little rebranding and the design of the website has been completely changed with a new and improved one, much more modern and intuitive so it can be easier for everyone to figure out how it works. The database has also been through many changes this year. After we have replaced all the old files with new ones in a better quality (at least HD 720p or even more), we started to add English subtitles everywhere it was necessary and then also we've enriched our collection of movies and series so now we are proud to say that we host on our website one of the biggest databases of movies and tv shows in the whole internet. It wasn't easy at all to do all this work but having more free time to do this activity really helped us out because now there are more visitors who are coming on CMovies than ever and this fact can only make us happy when we see such a quantity of visitors who are appreciating our work and watching their favorite movies and series on CMovies for free without registration in HD quality.

CMovies initially started, as the name suggest, as a movies streaming website but soon after we have published 10.000 movies in such a short time we have decided to do something more with our website so we started to publish tv series too. This part took us much time because we managed to add on CMovies around 60.000 episodes from 2000 tv shows and definitely it was worth it because now we have the chance to become the number one streaming site for tv series with such an impressive collection. You can help us to become more popular if you bookmark our website, visit it daily to watch the latest news and also share it on your social media accounts so your friends will find out about this wonderful website that needs your support. Another very important thing that we've improved since the beginning of this year is the structure and organization of CMovies. Having a massive database means you also need to organize and optimize everything as much as possible so the site will be easy to use, will load fast and all the users are able to find the content easy. CMovies is using numerous filters and categories to sort out all the content. There are two separate years tags for movies and series so you can't mix them up. In the same time, there are also tags for genres, network, director, actors, another special tags and also we have created pages where the content is sorted like Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite, Top IMDb. In the same time, we created our Blog section where we periodically publish articles with news from the Hollywood and also special packs with recommendations so you can read about the top picks movies, trending productions and find some inspiration in case you don't know what to view tonight on CMovies. Don't forget that our team is here working 24/7 in order to publish the latest movies and series for free. We have developed an advanced system which let us to publish the newest content almost automatically just a few minutes after it is officially broadcasted on television or released by a premium network. We know how important is for a tv show fan to get access to the newest episode as fast as possible and that's why we can assure you that if you come back on CMovies everyday you will always find your favorite content published here.